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A Toddler's View

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From:       Kirstie, Stuart, Matthew and Cameron
Subject:   A Toddlers View
  Date:         7th November 2004
     Burton in Kendal, England

A few days before we set off on our In Search of Adventure Tour, we asked Matthew and Cameron to tell their Auntie Angela about their impending journey. You can download and listen to a couple of brief extracts from these conversations and get a little insight into how this adventure features in their tiny worlds.


Hear Matthew (age almost 4) avoid talking about where we 're going but concede a few details on how we will be getting around.

Download audio file (116kB) 45 sec clip


Hear a few words from Cameron (age 2 and a half) as he talks to his Auntie Angela about his big trip, blue birds and what he'll miss most. Download audio file (231kb) 90 sec clip

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