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Under Starter's Orders

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From:       Kirstie, Stuart, Matthew and Cameron
Subject:   Under Starter's Orders
  Date:         9th November 2004
     Burton in Kendal, England

We're under starter's orders, due at Manchester Airport for our flight to New Zealand early tomorrow morning. One of the biggest headaches of the past few weeks has been figuring out how to get us and all our gear to the airport. That's two adults, two toddlers, two bikes, two buggies, 8 panniers, 2 bar bags, a tent, and a large rucksack stuffed with sleeping bags. The bikes and buggies have been packed into three boxes each the size of a single mattress. The panniers are in two large bags each about the size and weight of Matthew.

One of the bike boxes

And a sack of panniers

We couldn't find a taxi in the North of England that could handle this job, especially at 5 o'clock on a cold wet November morning. So our good friend and local horse trader came to the rescue and is helping us to start our expedition in style.

We're under starter's orders

So, with our steeds all loaded up, we're finally in the starting gate and there a bit of jockeying for position going on....... about who will ride in the car and who will ride with the gear. For some of us this may be the only opportunity we have to be towed rather than be towing.





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