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Hot pools, rock pools, thermal healing

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From:       Stuart
Subject:  Hot pools, rock pools, thermal healing
  Date:         10th January 2005
     Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, New Zealand

The Thermal Reserve

Swathes of people, place is heaving
More are coming, no-one's leaving
Bathing, snoozing, costumes oozing
Flesh of every tone and colour
White, brown, yellow, red raw peeling
Rib bones jutting, bellies flopping
Big breasts drooping, sagging, dropping
Children screaming, shouting, whining
Splashing, bobbing, slipping, sliding
Hot pools, rock pools, thermal healing
Sulphurous waters, bubbling, steaming
Skin rolls pummelled, stretched and pounded
Massage for the over rounded
Burgers charring, chip fat frying
Ice creams dripping, healthy eating
'Refresh your body, and your mind
Feed your soul, relax, unwind
In the Health Capital of New Zealand.'


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