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From A-Z in New Zealand

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From:       Matthew (and Cameron said somethings too)
Subject:   From A-Z in New Zealand
  Date:         4th May 2005
     A Campervan


A is for apple. We had lots of them and they were very fresh and juicy on a hot day.

B is for bananas. We had lots for energy and we like them and also they are good for you.

C is for cows and campervan. Hey, they were in our way sometimes, lots of them. We beened in a campervan and I sleeped upstairs.

D is for dolphins. They splashed me on Chris' boat.

E is for eggs. Yummy for mama and dada but not yummy for me or Cameron, except Easter eggs.

F is for fruity roll ups. Cos I like them but they've got lots of sugar in them so they're not good for you but they're nice in the buggy.

G is for green beans. I thought I didn't like them but then I tried one and I found out that I did like them just like watermelon toothpaste.

H is for hot pools. They're hot and I like them, the Japanese one was very very hot, it was burning hot and I didn't like that though.

I is for ice cream. We had enough of them.

J is for jeep and jelly. We went in a jeep on the Big Coast Ride and it was really good fun and very bumpy.
    And a man is going to put jelly on mummy's tummy to see what the baby is doing

K is for kayak and Kakapo. I did it on my own kayaking. She was a magic yellow boat you know Kakapo.

L is for llama and luge. It tickles when you feed it and I went on it in Rotorua and Queenstown. It was great and I want to be a luge man.

M is for mama. I love her.

N is for noodles. We eat a lot of them when we are camping.

O is for orange. We bought an orange tree for Nadine.

P is for playgrounds and peppermints. We went to lots of them. When we got into our buggies we got them.

Q is for quicksand. We drove in a quicksand river and then went boogie boarding on the sand dunes.

R is for rivet rivet. Like the magic frog at Ruth and Donna's place.

S is for sweeties and Snooko Sninkofart. Nice they're too nice for me. He's in mummy's tummy and I like it when he kicks.

T is for Te Papa and Thomas. It was really good museum. I got Thomas on my knickers from the Warehouse.

U is for up. We went up a lot of hills and it was very slow.

V is for van. A van took our bikes and buggies away today, it was sad.

W is for Warehouse. Where everybody gets a bargain and a money back guarantee.

X is for kisses. We gave lots of people kisses to say thank you.

Y is for yacht. We sailed on one called Kakapo.

Z is for zoom. We zoomed really fast down the hills on bicycles.



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