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Burley helps Family on a Bike to Rock n Roll

Family on a Bike and the Family Adventure Project are pleased to recognise the generous support and sponsorship of Burley, the Oregon USA based company that designs, manufactures and markets the world's finest child trailers.

In years gone by Burley also made tag-alongs, tandems, recumbents and road bikes and established a reputation for catering particularly well for the family market. Their range of trailers, reputed to be amongst the safest and strongest trailers on the market, make it possible for families to get out riding and adventuring together from the moment baby can hold his or her head up.

We've toured over 6000km with our two kids and two Burley D'Lite trailers, in fact they were a home from home for them for six months whilst on tour in New Zealand in 2004/5.

In 2006, Burley helped equip us for the next stage of family touring providing us with one of their Rock 'n Roll tandems complete with a set of kiddie cranks and a hitch to haul a trailer.

The wheels turn on a new chapter as we take to the road with Maisie... and just look at that stoker smile

With Burley's generous help, 2006 saw us touring 2000km around Cumbria and Western Sweden. Our 2006 set-up; two adults, one Burley tandem, one bike, two Burley trailers and three of our own children; the all new same old Family on a Bike.

Family on a Bike 2006, Sweden

Thanks Burley, you helped make it possible.





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