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If you think Ibiza is all bars, booze and beach then think again. Beyond the party scene there's a whole other world you can explore on this adventure island. So why not pick up a cheap package deal and instead of relaxing on the beach use it to create your own active family adventure holiday?

Action and adventure on Ibiza

Forget the clubs and the beach parties – the real draw of Ibiza is the island’s adventure scene. Whether you're looking to make tracks through deserted wilderness, want to explore ancient shipwrecks or are after adrenaline-boosting activities, there's plenty on offer to adventure seekers. And with plenty of beach on hand, there's plenty of places to relax while the kids play when you've had your fill of more active adventures.

Mountain biking: The hot summers in Ibiza make any kind of intensive exercise impractical, at least in the heat of the day – but in winter and during the two shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, it’s a true mountain biker's paradise. Rough, deserted tracks will take you away from the tourist spots and into a landscape of red earth and sprawling pine forests. If you’re a newbie to mountain biking but still fancy exploring the island on two wheels, then there are biking companies with guiding teams who will take out both individuals and groups.

There's more to Ibiza than sun, sea and sandy beaches

Water sports: One of the best ways to get a rush and keep cool during the hot Ibiza summers is to try out a water sport. Whether it’s waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing or just an excursion in a banana boat or pedalo, water temperatures that rarely fall below 18 degrees centigrade lend themselves to all types of watery fun.

The larger beaches generally have kiosks where you can arrange to take part in the water sport of your choice. Alternatively, make an appointment with one of the sea schools before you arrive, or include water sport tuition as part of the package when you book a holiday with your travel company.

Go-karting: If you're into thrills then go karting can be an exciting family outing or a good way to take a break from more active pursuits. Why not have your own family Formula 1 and find our who's your family's answer to Lewis Hamilton. There’s a great go-karting track just outside San Antonio, which is open day and night during the summer. Using special karts which prevent body impact and protects go-karters with helmets and night lights, it’s the perfect way to get an adrenaline rush without the risk. 

Golf: For something a little more gentle, why not have a family golfing tournament. You'd be amazed how far kids will walk without noticing when engaged in a golf competition. Ibiza’s only golf complex, Roca Llisa, is near Cala Llonga and has an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course – plus a driving range and a bar where you can relax and celebrate after a day on the course.



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