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Spain has lots to offer active families, especially those with an interest in mountain biking. With several different mountain ranges in different parts of the country there's a wide variety of terrain and environments to explore, making it something of a family mountain bikers paradise.

Biking in the Sun
Spain's best MTB Destinations

As one of Europe’s most mountainous countries, Spain is a true mountain bikers’ paradise. With its incredible scenic diversity, ranging from the lush green hills of the north to the barren mountains of the south, there’s plenty of choice for adrenaline seekers on two wheels. Here are our top recommendations on where to take your bike – whether you’re a downhill dirt biker or a relative beginner. 

Ronda: The Spanish tourist board has worked hard in recent years to promote the country’s attractiveness to mountain bikers, and the result is a huge network of ‘Via Verdes’ or ‘Green Routes’, which are old railway lines turned into fantastic hiking and biking trails. The Via Verde near Ronda is more than 35 kilometres long, and passes through a scenic series of viaducts and tunnels as well as running beneath Europe’s largest Griffon Vulture nesting colony. The terrain is largely flat and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for families and biking newbies.

Picos de Europa

Sierra Nevada: Complete with hardcore downhill trails, jumps, muddy tracks and seriously scenic paths, the Sierra Nevada is undoubtedly one of the top mountain bike destinations in the world. Cheap flights to towns like Almeria means that the area is easy to get to, and mountain bikers can also take advantage of package trips to Andalucia. Check out the switch-back trails running from mountain to coast for a real thrill.    

Picos de Europa: In the high summer, this rocky area of northern Spain is the ideal alternative to the Sierra Nevada. It tends to be covered in snow during the winter months, but in hot weather it offers a huge range of trails for all levels of ability.

Formentera: The Spanish islands are sometimes overlooked in favour of the mainland when it comes to adrenaline sports, but they have plenty to offer mountain bikers – particularly during the winter months. Formentera might be small, but it offers some of the best trails of any island. Hire a bike from the moto shops at the port, pick up Triangle’s Formentera guide, and you’re free to start exploring. There are many kilometres of cycle trails, but bikes on the island are best used to explore the hidden beaches unreachable by car.


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